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Jamie - Mis-Print - POLY (Sample Backdrop - Perfect Condition)

Jamie - Mis-Print - POLY (Sample Backdrop - Perfect Condition)

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Poly Paper:
Ultra Durable Poly Paper backdrops are thick and will not tear. Poly Paper backdrops are 100% glare free (completely matte) and roll easily. They will arrive to you in a hassle free, easy to open tube (say goodbye to staples). Our Poly Paper is thicker than the industry norm.

Wrinkle Free Fabric is made of a high quality fire retardant polyester material. It is wrinkle free and 100% glare free (completely matte). It's great for storing, simply fold and re-use. We're obsessed!

Backdrops will be printed in the direction/orientation as seen in the image. When determining size, the first number is the width and the second number is the height. Cropping will occur depending on the size chosen. The first image shows a 60"x60" crop and the last image shows a 84"x60" crop.

All photography backdrops are printed to order and ship 2-3 business days after your order is placed (3-5 business days for Wrinkle Free Fabric) with the exception of holidays and promotions. See our Policy page for more detailed information on shipping and to see our current production times prior to placing an order.

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