Taupe Textured Newborn Posing Fabric & Matching Wrap Set

$ 33.00

Each piece of fabric measures approximately 2 Yards in length, allowing for plenty of room to cover the top of the bean bag while elevating one end of the fabric to be used as a backdrop.  

The free matching wrap will be included in your package (not pictured) and will be the same exact material as the backdrop.  

All Newborn Posing Backdrops are in-stock and ship within 1-3 business days via Priority Mail within the United States.  See our store policies for more detailed information. International shipping is available upon checkout.

Fabric/Wrap Care: 
Newborn Posing backdrops are unfinished and should be hand washed (lay flat to dry).  Fabric may shrink if put in a dryer.  We are not responsible for damaged fabric if you wash it in a machine or put the fabric in a dryer.  Fabric is approximately 2 yards in length (between 68 and 72 inches on average) and between 45-60 inches in width.  Each fabric width may vary.   Slight imperfections are to be expected especially with open weave fabrics.  Images on the website show what the fabric will look like in-use when used by a professional photographer. Color may vary slightly due to differences with monitor calibration and photographer editing.  We recommend using a similar color under all backdrops.  The trim edges of the backdrop are not intended to be photographed.  We call this 3" trim the "dirty trim" as it's where the fabric is held by the machine during manufacturing. We leave this area there for extra clamping space.

Discounts do not apply to Newborn Posing Fabrics.