Store Policies

US Shipping:
All Poly and ProWeave backdrops are printed to order and ship 1-3 business days after your order is placed (allow more time for mis-prints).  Wrinkle Free Fabric ships within 5-7 business days (84x60 and smaller) and Extra Large Fabric (8'x8' and larger) and Floor Mats take about 8-12 business days. See our shipping times below for this week's processing times:

Shipping Times for THIS WEEK:  If you order now, Poly and ProWeave backdrops are shipping 1-3 business days after your order is placed. Mis-Prints ship within 2-4 business days (with the exception of mats and XL fabrics - those are our standard shipping times - see above).

Priority Mail:
Poly and ProWeave Backdrops ship via 2-3 day USPS Priority Mail within the United States.  Priority Mail is 99% on-time with the exception of heavy storms, holidays, P.0. Box addresses, and those who live in rural areas.  Please take that into consideration when placing your order.

Since all of our backdrops are printed custom to order based on the size and art you select, all sales are final.  If you have a question please contact us before placing your order as all sales are final due to the custom nature of our products. No cancellations or exceptions. We have an automated system therefore orders cannot be cancelled once an order is placed.  We're quick!  Please triple check your order before submitting including double checking that you are happy with the backdrop image (first and last image) prior to checking out.  Coupon codes cannot be applied to mis-prints or specials. In-use images may be edited by the photographers and are there to give a general idea what it will look like in use.  Colors in in-use images will vary due to photographer editing and props used that we do not provide. The majority of our backdrops are custom made and hand painted designs.  This means things like brush strokes, grunge textures, etc are meant to be a part of the image as seen on the website and is part of the art. If you need to see a backdrop larger than what's shown on the website shoot us an email before placing your order at .

Backdrop Orientation:
The first number is the width and the 2nd number is the height. For example, a 72”x60” backdrop, will be 72 inches wide and 60 inches tall.  The first image in each listing shows what a 60”x60” crop will look like.  The second image in the shop listing shows what an 84”x60" crop will look like. If you have a question about what a crop will look like that is not shown on the site, email us at prior to placing an order as all sales are final. It is important to take scale and ratios of backdrops into consideration especially when ordering larger sizes (i.e 10x8 and 8x8 XL fabric and mats).  If you need help figuring out how large planks or specific areas of a backdrop will be we can help you with that, just shoot us an email.

Fabric Backdrops:

Fabric Backdrops that are 84x60" and smaller may shrink 3-6 inches during the printing process due to heat (the amount of shrinkage will depend on amount of color in the drop and how much heat is required to process the image). Please take this into consideration when ordering sizes online.  The fabric will relax and stretch during use which is what makes this material so incredible.

XL Fabric Backdrops:
Fabrics that are 8x8 or larger print on a different fabric material that we absolutely love as of September 2018.  Pop it in the drier for 1-2 minutes to get out any creases from shipment. The coloring of XL fabrics will always be cooler than the displayed image on the website. Keep this in mind when ordering, as the color will not match due to the cooler undertone. This more noticeable on solid colored backdrops. 

Mat Flooring:
If you order a Mat Floor along with a poly or fabric backdrop, it will ship in a different package (possibly on a different day as well).  See shipping quotes above for estimate shipping dates.  If you purchase the same floor drop as a mat floor and poly, the color and crop will absolutely not match (there will be a very drastic difference). This is because Mat Flooring is a different material and is engineered on a different printer and print using different color profile (CMYK vs RGB). This means the floor mat will usually be MUCH cooler than the image displayed online and will have more of a Gray undertone (as well as darker) compared to the stock images on the site as the mat starts as a soft gray base (compared to poly which starts off stark white). We do not carry and warm creamy mats, they will all be on the cooler side since the material is soft Grey prior to printing. Minor imperfections can happen with floor mats (smaller than the size of a quarter) and are to be expected.  All "in-use" images on the website show what the floor mat looks like in-use after being warmed up in post unless otherwise specified. It is normal for floor mats to have an odor for a few days (air it out if needed). In the event that there is a lab error or UPS damage, a replacement will be made (no refunds provided). If you are looking for the color to match the stock photo, poly will be the closest match (the mat WILL be cooler). If you are looking to purchase a "set", you will need to purchase the same material for them to look the same (same order as well since slight changes in temperature can change how they print).  

Poly/ProWeave/Fabric/Mat Flooring SETS - Important:  If you wish to purchase a set of two identical floorings you will need to place the order TOGETHER if you want them to match identically so they're printed on the same printer.  If you place separate orders they may not match as every printer is different and we have multiple printers. Sets must be the same material if you want them to match and must be purchased at the same time. Different materials will absolutely not match and cannot be returned. We do not recommend ProWeave for floor shots as it's slippery and tends not to lay as flat on uneven surfaces as hardwoods and tile.

Colors on monitors and phones all vary. Images on the websites are there to give you a general idea of what that backdrop will look like (exact shades will vary when printed compared to what's displayed on your monitor due to CMYK and RGB differences).  Meaning if you purchase a backdrop with stars and stripes, you'll receive a backdrop with stars and stripes and not a backdrop with monkeys (the shade will never match the shade displayed on your monitor exactly as all monitors are calibrated).  We do not have control over this. In-use images are provided to give you an idea of how it looks in use as well (photographer editing will always vary). Variation in color is not a flaw and is to be expected due to the difference in print vs display on screen.  For matching backdrops (two identical designs), in order for them to match they need to part of the same order to ensure they're printed on the same printer, temperature, and humidity. 

International Shipping:  Insurance is available for international packages in the event of a broken tube/package. This is an additional cost of $20 per backdrop. Please email us at if you would like to purchase insurance and we will send you an invoice. We are not responsible for broken tubes if insurance is not paid for in advance for international orders. International shipping can take up to 6 weeks if it gets held in customs for inspection.  We have no control over the custom regulations in your country.  You'll receive an automated tracking email to track the package.   

Have a question? Contact us at

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