Collection: Tester Backdrops

***** Tester Backdrops are 60% off (see code in the details below) ******

These backdrops are available to professional photographers wishing to model backdrops for us at a large discount. We kindly ask that images be emailed to us within 30 days of receipt. By purchasing a backdrop to model for us, you agree to 1. Email us 2-3 in-use web sized images to  2. Tag us on social media (Instagram/Facebook) when it is used. Note when tagging us, we will only be able to see it if you use the tag button (not just the @ tag symbol). Use code "Model60" for 60% off all modeling backdrops in this category. Limited quantity of each size available. Customers who do not provide in-use images will not be able to purchase from us in the future unless you let us know in advance that there is a delay.