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Floral Luxe Set 14

Floral Luxe Set 14

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This set contains Clara, Selena, Odette and Zoe

Important - What is a Mini Set?
Mini sets are printed side by side on one backdrop. You will receive ONE backdrop with all FOUR backdrop designs printed on it.  Each design will be 45" x 30", the perfect aspect ratio for professional cameras to maximize the subject and backdrop through your lens. This makes it easy to move what you're photographing easily from one design to the next without having to keep unrolling multiple backdrops. You will not receive 4 individual backdrops, all 4 backdrops will be printed on one continuous backdrop as shown in the sample image. Backdrops will not be cut out individually. Mini sets are ideal for newborn and product photography.  

Poly Paper:
Ultra Durable Poly Paper backdrops are thick and will not tear. Poly Paper backdrops are 100% glare free (completely matte) and roll easily. They will arrive to you in a hassle free, easy to open tube (say goodbye to staples). Our Poly Paper is thicker than the industry norm.

Our lightweight ProWeave material is 100% glare free (completely matte) and tear free. ProWeave is a cross between Poly and Canvas. It's a durable woven material and just like Poly, you'll want to store this backdrop rolled. It's heavenly! See our video on the FAQ page to see this incredible material in action.

Wrinkle Free Fabric is made of a high quality fire retardant polyester material. It is wrinkle free and 100% glare free (completely matte). It's great for storing, simply fold and re-use. We're obsessed! 

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